Reduce energy bills with a new composite front door from Jackson Glass

Recently you may have noticed all the media attention focused on energy companies in relation to their highly publicised price hikes this winter. Call it bad timing when more people will be switching the thermostats up or even an excuse to increase profit margins for shareholders, the news has most definitely not been welcomed. In fact, it is promising to leave many people with considerably higher costs in heating their homes this year into next.

Here at Jackson Glass, we pride ourselves in helping our customers improve the insulation within their homes, so in today’s blog we give you some top tips on retaining the heat in an effort to help you save on your energy costs, while explaining the benefits of composite front doors. While we can’t do a lot about the actual price of gas or electric, we can help you to keep your home warmer…

One of the most neglected areas in the house is very often hallway, but usually because we always focus on insulating the rooms in the house where we spend the most time, such as the lounge or the kitchen.

As a result, you’ll find a hallway will be freezing cold come winter with a couple of doorways into ‘warmer rooms’. However, having a cold hallway can also impact your home in other ways. A draught coming through a badly fitted front door into your hallway will most definitely be a great way for all the heat you’re paying for to escape. This is why it’s a good idea to get a composite front door fitted if you don’t have one. They allow the warmer air in the home to circulate more freely without getting lost through gaps and bad fitting door frames.

What are composite front doors?

Composite front doors look like they are made of timber but are a lot more sophisticated than that as they are made from special materials, designed to be strong and robust. They are very popular because as well as being aesthetically pleasing, they also offer a fantastic level of thermal efficiency for your home during the winter. This means when you pay for your house to be heated, there is less likelihood for the warm air you create to escape through any gaps in the door or glass.

The winter approaches…

Of late, we’ve seen flooding in homes across the UK and if the weather forecasters are correct we’re not far off from seeing some fairly severe snow storms too, so if you have a home that is draughty or that seems to lose heat all too easily it’s probably time to consider getting a new composite front door fitted to trap that heat in.

Do that and you will not only feel warmer but you’ll save money on your energy bills, which could be a bonus so close to Christmas!

Jackson Glass can supply and fit composite front doors and back doors in a wide range of designs and colours with ease.

We only use the very best materials to give you exceptionally high-performance doors that will finally keep those eerie draughts outside of the home this winter!

Choosing that new composite winter door

We know that the entrance to your home is not just a walk through to get to another room but it is often the first thing people see when visit. This is why having a nice front door can say so much about who lives inside. However, sometimes what we may feel is going to be the best choice of front door to make a good impression, actually turns out to be a total nightmare when it comes to the practicality of living with it. It may need painting year in year out, it may not be a great fit, it may discolour and end up being the bane of your life!

Now that winter is finally rearing its head you may have noticed a few more noises than usual coming from the area of the front door and maybe you’ve had enough of the work associated with it. Perhaps a biting wind is starting to make itself heard or you simply notice that time in the hallway results in a fine mist coming from your mouth every time you breathe in or out. Whatever you’ve worked out that’s wrong with your old front door can soon be rectified with a nice new composite front door instead though, while not compromising one bit on the aesthetics.

Composite front doors offer you the chance to get some style while having a highly practical function…that of keeping the warm air in the house!

As well as being durable they come in a variety of colours. Whether you want a black composite front door or you fancy a bright yellow one, you’ll find Jackson Glass can supply and fit it for you so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of an old front door this winter.

It’s very important at this point to ensure you do not assume a UPVC door is the same as a good quality composite front door. It really isn’t. The latter has thermal qualities that help to trap the heat in a home and they don’t become discoloured over time. UPVC is actually a much less durable option as a front door than you think.

Wood composite doors are made from woods and resins and are excellent weather resistance options, with superior insulation abilities.

The great thing is that a composite front door can be supplied and fitted in a completely bespoke way, which means you can get a door that fits perfectly without sacrificing on function, you can enjoy less maintenance (composite doors don’t need painting), the door will last much longer and – perhaps the most important bit – you’ll end up saving money in the long run on your energy bills as a good door will help you keep all that lovely warm air in the home this winter!

If you want a quick makeover for the front of your home that will keep you warm when the winter comes knocking, be sure to contact us here at Jackson Glass!

No use crying over broken windows…

Dealing with broken windows in the winter has to be one of the most daunting prospects for anyone. Aside from the fact that you may feel your home or garage is suddenly not as secure as it could be, you have to cope with much more adverse weather conditions outside potentially losing heat in the process which is very costly.

Whether your window is suddenly not shutting properly or there has been an accident and the glass has got broken, it’s important to deal with it swiftly and get it fixed as soon as possible.

One aspect of broken windows that panics people is dealing with broken glass. While a broken window

is an inconvenience perhaps, broken glass is a total nightmare. It is after all very dangerous and if you have children or animals in the home the associated stress can be awful.

In today’s blog Jackson Glass takes a look at a simple solution to sorting out broken window glass and what you can do to get things fixed as quickly as possible!

Whether you have a single glazed or double glazed window the principles are pretty much the same when it comes to clearing things up safely.

  1. Call a local glazer! The faster you arrange a replacement the better and you will have to worry a lot less about the weather and security. Jackson Glass offers a speedy and highly professional service in this area. We can also come out to you if you are dealing with a broken window that needs replacing!
  2. Assess the mess itself before touching anything. You may have a cracked window for example or glass that is unstable. This can be very dangerous, particularly if you have children or animals in the home. Should the window be shattered you will want to be fairly open as to how far the glass may have scattered upon breaking. It can travel in all manner of directions.
  3. To avoid potential accidents you should make sure the area or the room itself is out of bounds to the children and your pets. Remember; as glass can travel you don’t want to risk someone stepping on a shard of glass that has landed a distance from the window. If in doubt, keep them out!
    No matter how careful you are, shattered and broken glass from windows can hurt you – even if you think you’re being careful. Therefore you should make sure wear gloves if you’re planning on moving the shards.
  4. While you wait for Jackson Glass to arrive you will want to try and secure the window. The best way to protect yourself from the weather is to cover the window with a piece of plywood or even plastic if this is not possible. This will simply help to give you a bit of protection. However, if you have large shards of glass protruding from the frame of the broken window you may have to place the wood on the inside of the entire window. Remember, it’s very easy to get injured by broken glass.
  5. Double bag your broken glass and if you can put them into newspaper rather than directly into the rubbish. It’s so easy to get cut and with protruding glass in the rubbish you risk injuring someone else (like the refuse collectors). When it shatters, glass is notorious for getting everywhere. To avoid this you will want to vacuum every area in the room with the broken window or windows. Shards of glass can go underneath furniture and right into the corner of the room and are therefore difficult to see. You should also check the furniture itself.

Whatever situation you find yourself in when it comes to broken windows, why not contact Jackson Glass and let us do the worrying and fixing for you!

Mirror mirror on the wall…

When it comes to creating a space that increases the reflection of light within a room, while deceptively giving the feel of a much larger space, a bespoke mirror is usually at the centre of the illusion. But what makes this simple creation so important is how it’s made and how it fits into the scheme of things.

Too intrusive and it will be the only thing people see but professionally measured and fitted, it will enhance your living space.

Here at Jackson glass we specialise in creating bespoke mirrors for a wealth of different clients, so today’s blog pays tribute (just a bit) to something we take for granted, but that can make such a difference.

So where exactly does the mirror hail from?

For something we get used to seeing in our bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways on a daily basis with little thought, the reflective mirror has actually had an interesting history you might say.

What we would recognise as ‘modern mirrors’ originated in Germany in the 19th Century but the concept of a reflective material being used by us has actually been around much longer. Some scientists suggest that there were mirrors as early as 8000 years ago in Anatolia (Turkey) that were made from ground and polished volcanic glass (obsidian). So it seems the need to see our own reflections is not a modern invention!

The more familiar kinds of mirrors of the modern day can be attributed to a German chemist called Justus von Liebig who developed a special process for applying a thin layer of metallic silver to a pane of glass. A simple concept but he no doubt had no idea it would integrate so seamlessly into our lives two hundred years or so later. Obviously the techniques and quality of mirror production has changed things considerably, but needless to say we would all be lost without a mirror today!

Bespoke Mirrors from Jackson Glass

We can offer a range of bespoke mirrors with a multitude of finishes that will enhance your hallway, your lounge, bathroom and even your home gymnasium if you want it to.

Where it comes to having a mirror that is a focal point in a room it’s important to get the perfect fit. That’s why it’s important to have a professional job done.

So whether you want a plain bespoke mirror for a practical reason or you’ve set your sights on a bevelled glass mirror for the hall, make sure you get what you deserve!

Jackson Glass offers a templating service to assist you in achieving the perfect fit and we can supply all kinds of bespoke mirrors and mirror splashbacks for you to give your room the attention it deserves!