No use crying over broken windows…

Dealing with broken windows in the winter has to be one of the most daunting prospects for anyone.  Aside from the fact that you may feel your home or garage is suddenly not as secure as it could be, you have to cope with much more adverse weather conditions outside potentially losing heat in the process which is very costly.

Whether your window is suddenly not shutting properly or there has been an accident and the glass has got broken, it’s important to deal with it swiftly and get it fixed as soon as possible.

One aspect of broken windows that panics people is dealing with broken glass.  While a broken window is an inconvenience perhaps, broken glass is a total nightmare.  It is after all very dangerous and if you have children or animals in the home the associated stress can be awful.

In today’s blog Jackson Glass takes a look at a simple solution to sorting out broken window glass and what you can do to get things fixed as quickly as possible!

Whether you have a single glazed or double glazed window the principles are pretty much the same when it comes to clearing things up safely.

  1. Call a local glazer!  The faster you arrange a replacement the better and you will have to worry a lot less about the weather and security.  Jackson Glass offers a speedy and highly professional service in this area.  We can also come out to you if you are dealing with a broken window that needs replacing!
  2. Assess the mess itself before touching anything.  You may have a cracked window for example or glass that is unstable. This can be very dangerous, particularly if you have children or animals in the home.  Should the window be shattered you will want to be fairly open as to how far the glass may have scattered upon breaking.  It can travel in all manner of directions.
  3. To avoid potential accidents you should make sure the area or the room itself is out of bounds to the children and your pets.  Remember; as glass can travel you don’t want to risk someone stepping on a shard of glass that has landed a distance from the window.  If in doubt, keep them out!
  4. No matter how careful you are, shattered and broken glass from windows can hurt you – even if you think you’re being careful.  Therefore you should make sure wear gloves if you’re planning on moving the shards.
  5. While you wait for Jackson Glass to arrive you will want to try and secure the window.  The best way to protect yourself from the weather is to cover the window with a piece of plywood or even plastic if this is not possible.  This will simply help to give you a bit of protection.  However, if you have large shards of glass protruding from the frame of the broken window you may have to place the wood on the inside of the entire window.  Remember, it’s very easy to get injured by broken glass.
  6. Double bag your broken glass and if you can put them into newspaper rather than directly into the rubbish.  It’s so easy to get cut and with protruding glass in the rubbish you risk injuring someone else (like the refuse collectors).  When it shatters, glass is notorious for getting everywhere.  To avoid this you will want to vacuum every area in the room with the broken window or windows.  Shards of glass can go underneath furniture and right into the corner of the room and are therefore difficult to see.  You should also check the furniture itself.

Whatever situation you find yourself in when it comes to broken windows, why not contact Jackson Glass and let us do the worrying and fixing for you!