Mirror mirror on the wall…

When it comes to creating a space that increases the reflection of light within a room, while deceptively giving the feel of a much larger space, a bespoke mirror is usually at the centre of the illusion.  But what makes this simple creation so important is how it’s made and how it fits into the scheme of things.

Too intrusive and it will be the only thing people see but professionally measured and fitted, it will enhance your living space.

Here at Jackson glass we specialise in creating bespoke mirrors for a wealth of different clients, so today’s blog pays tribute (just a bit) to something we take for granted, but that can make such a difference.

So where exactly does the mirror hail from?

For something we get used to seeing in our bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways on a daily basis with little thought, the reflective mirror has actually had an interesting history you might say.

What we would recognise as ‘modern mirrors’ originated in Germany in the 19th Century but the concept of a reflective material being used by us has actually been around much longer.  Some scientists suggest that there were mirrors as early as 8000 years ago in Anatolia (Turkey) that were made from ground and polished volcanic glass (obsidian).   So it seems the need to see our own reflections is not a modern invention!

The more familiar kinds of mirrors of the modern day can be attributed to a German chemist called Justus von Liebig who developed a special process for applying a thin layer of metallic silver to a pane of glass. A simple concept but he no doubt had no idea it would integrate so seamlessly into our lives two hundred years or so later.  Obviously the techniques and quality of mirror production has changed things considerably, but needless to say we would all be lost without a mirror today!

Bespoke Mirrors from Jackson Glass

We can offer a range of bespoke mirrors with a multitude of finishes that will enhance your hallway, your lounge, bathroom and even your home gymnasium if you want it to.

Where it comes to having a mirror that is a focal point in a room it’s important to get the perfect fit.  That’s why it’s important to have a professional job done.

So whether you want a plain bespoke mirror for a practical reason or you’ve set your sights on a bevelled glass mirror for the hall, make sure you get what you deserve!

Jackson Glass offers a templating service to assist you in achieving the perfect fit and we can supply all kinds of bespoke mirrors and mirror splashbacks for you to give your room the attention it deserves!