Choosing that new composite winter door

We know that the entrance to your home is not just a walk through to get to another room but it is often the first thing people see when visit.  This is why having a nice front door can say so much about who lives inside. However, sometimes what we may feel is going to be the best choice of front door to make a good impression, actually turns out to be a total nightmare when it comes to the practicality of living with it.  It may need painting year in year out, it may not be a great fit, it may discolour and end up being the bane of your life!   

Now that winter is finally rearing its head you may have noticed a few more noises than usual coming from the area of the front door and maybe you’ve had enough of the work associated with it.  Perhaps a biting wind is starting to make itself heard or you simply notice that time in the hallway results in a fine mist coming from your mouth every time you breathe in or out.  Whatever you’ve worked out that’s wrong with your old front door can soon be rectified with a nice new composite front door instead though, while not compromising one bit on the aesthetics.

Composite front doors offer you the chance to get some style while having a highly practical function…that of keeping the warm air in the house!

As well as being durable they come in a variety of colours.  Whether you want a black composite front door or you fancy a bright yellow one, you’ll find Jackson Glass can supply and fit it for you so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of an old front door this winter.

It’s very important at this point to ensure you do not assume a UPVC door is the same as a good quality composite front door.  It really isn’t.  The latter has thermal qualities that help to trap the heat in a home and they don’t become discoloured over time.  UPVC is actually a much less durable option as a front door than you think.

Wood composite doors are made from woods and resins and are excellent weather resistance options, with superior insulation abilities.

The great thing is that a composite front door can be supplied and fitted in a completely bespoke way, which means you can get a door that fits perfectly without sacrificing on function, you can enjoy less maintenance (composite doors don’t need painting), the door will last much longer and – perhaps the most important bit – you’ll end up saving money in the long run on your energy bills as a good door will help you keep all that lovely warm air in the home this winter!

If you want a quick makeover for the front of your home that will keep you warm when the winter comes knocking, be sure to contact us here at Jackson Glass!